Thursday, September 1, 2011

Post AS/AA Degree

Finished my summer classes with superb results. I got As in my Statistics and Human Development classes. I am now in my second week into Fall 2001 and so far very nice and somewhat easier than the last three semesters….so far. I will have classes pretty much on Mon, Tues, and Weds only after next week. My jogging instructor (lol we need one for this?!) has to teach a “Fitness for Life” class as the instructor for that class is no longer available to teach it. So we ran today and since I come in a little late from Precal he gave me the 411. He said that since we don’t have to show up we will need to keep track of our physical and cardio workouts with worksheets.

You think I have a problem with this??!! Lol.

I do run every other evening, started pilates, and think I’m pretty active so I think I’ll be fine. My precal instructor has also given us the option of having class 2 ½ hours per day Mon-Wed and not coming in on Thurs…. which brings us up to my soon to be “super duper cool” schedule.

Mon                             Tues                      Wed                           Thurs
Precalculus               Precalculus    Precalculus                OFF
Pathophysiology          OFF              Pathophysiology     OFF

Also not shown but another class I am taking is a humanities class that is online. It is called “Humanities Through the Arts” and is interesting. A change of pace and a little wordy but I’ll manage. I think I’ll spend a majority of my class work writing papers and posting class discussion responses for this class.

I <3 <3 <3 this soon to be schedule!

Don’t get me wrong Pathophysiology is pretty hardcore so I’ll be reading for days and looking up videos to give me the layman explanation for some complex concepts. Precal is well….mathy so hopefully the synapses connect and rewiring in my gray matter optimizes for the language of mathematics!

I received my graduation petition and just need to fill out the information, pay my petition fee, and I should receive my degrees in the mail. I now hold an AS degree in Health Occupations and an AS in Social and Behavioral Sciences as of this past month (August). Not bad considering where I was at a couple of years ago. I will keep moving forward and can just repeat what my friend Gwen said about the upcoming struggles and hardships we will face as students of science- Bring it on!

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