Sunday, October 4, 2009

Breezy Lady!

Today is a very blustery day! Where's that bear w/ the red shirt and potbelly???

Sheesh. I forgot my password for this account and I've been very very very busy lately. I've got an all-consuming passion to quickly do something w/ my life and am now attending college.

Yes people. Mizz Banks is higher education diva these days! She's got to show those people that she's more than a statuesque mutton girl! She's got more than reservation rocks in her head lol.


Anyhow. I really was waiting for a job w/my Union. I kept hearing about how there wasn't any need for apprentices here in AZ. A different job landed me doing office work for five months. A pretty nice run for some survival money and time to think. Total time after Iron Working training was going on 10 months w/o any concrete reason to move to Phoenix.

It is very expensive to just pick up and move and there had better be something that pays at the end of the trail!

During my stint w/ office work I began to think that during that 10 month waiting period I could have added more credits to my repertoire. I've got around 50 credit hours and a degree in Nursing seemed like a good idea. I did work as a CNA and Nurse Tech for a couple of years and the availability of jobs appealed to me. It was pretty much a no-brainer after that. I'm now in school and am just taking one pre-req b/c I have other bills to worry about besides school tuition. Hopefully next semester I get some type of assistance and really wouldn't mind taking three courses.

Two at the least.

Personal life is all about stability and recapturing these days. After all the carousing I've done in the past I've slowly begun to find what makes me tick. What makes me scared. What makes me happy. Analyzing and trying to see what will be the best course of action for me to take. I don't like to ask for a lot in this life. I do believe in prayer and "ask and you shall receive" type of stuff so if anyone who reads this has some spare positive energy... please think of me!

I have a Chapter quiz tomorrow and midterms coming up!

Hasta Luego! Agoh i ne eh :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

She's Still Here!

Hey HO! Land Ho! Scalliwaggers!!!

Yeah I'm not making any sense. It's late and I'm trying to get stuff done before bed. I'm doing fine and am still here on rezzie land. Things are slow these days and I've been looking for a job!

Anyone hiring???

I've been doing the whole homemaking thing for now and am excited that I have my own comp now. Well a laptop actually. I bought this thing used and out of sheer desperation I clicked on the "buy" button. I mean, come on, I'm a gabber and love to type so I needed something to get online and bug people with :P

I now am going to start looking in personals for anyone who needs a roommate. I prefer a room with a view but I'll take anything now! lol.

Let's hope Obama was thinking of a fleamarketrezqueen when he was dreaming of stimulus packages!

Anyhoo. I'm *yawn* tired and am seeing sheep and stars. I've got a date with the sandman now ppl. I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams and a good night.