Monday, October 17, 2011

Midterm madness is over...whew!

Just got done with midterms. I am relieved. Now that the halfway point is here I see my transition to university just right around the corner. So far I have submitted my application and will be doing my transcripts very shortly. I have a transfer counselor as of tonight also :)

I need a car! Seriously. I hate to think about the cost of owning a car but it will be a necessity as I leave the reservation. I will be on my own and the need for some type of transportation seems very likely. It's 11:35pm here and I am reading and taking notes for my Patho class. I was SO SO SO tired this morning I came back after classes and fell asleep. I had a two hour nap which helped out immensely.

Naps= good

My post is very short this time. I'm feeling a little sleepy and will turn in soon. I just want to read another page and then I'm taking my heinee to bed. Nite nite.

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