Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Real Mamma Jamma

I have some exciting new developments that I'd like to share. First my academics are great so far- straight As across the board. Yep that is for:

Anatomy and Physiology II
General Chemistry II

For those of you new to my blog I had severe doubts about school not that long ago! Now that I'm done with more sciences....there's more to take in the future! I'm excited about this and am studying ahead of time for some classes I wish to take in the future. I've decided to stay with Nursing and do that for awhile and switch over to Biochemistry at a later date. The school I want to go to requires me taking all the sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology), calculus w/analytic geometry, and upper-level major oriented courses.

Yes the road for science is broad and wonderful :)

I have 35 new credit hours of college science courses since I made the decision to return to school in Fall 2009.

Things are moving along now that I've joined a national organization dedicated to Native Americans in higher education :) I recently traveled to compete in a science bowl also. We advanced to the second round but lack of strategy hampered our win. Good stuff and great opportunity to travel. Only drawback was I got behind in my classes and worked like a "mad woman" to get back on track.

Ugh I don't want to go through that anytime soon again!

So now I'm enrolled in two summer courses and have started one online already. Hopefully I can get financial aid as one course is from my current school and the other is from another school. It should go through AFAIK...

*keeping me fingers crossed*

OH and one more thing!!! Does anyone have any suggestions for old school papers??!!! I am collecting quite a bit and losing storage space also! Let me know!!!

Have a great day :) :) :)

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