Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 2012 Catch Up

Wow. I have been scarce on my own welcome mat for SO long! I apologize for anyone who may have been reading my blog. I am a long way from home at the moment. I am on the east coast for the summer and will be working in the exciting field of Cellular Mechanics with some doctors. I start a full-day tomorrow and have been reading up on research material. I am taking the summer off from school (university) to make some money while gaining some work experience. Granted it is not biochemistry but as long as it pays and I learn new concepts it will totally be worth it!

The dorm I am assigned to stay in is very small! I do have a small fridge and an electric cooking top which should serve to keep this girl fed all summer! I had arrived on Sunday and attended an informal luncheon with my fellow interns. It went fine but I was a bit nervous as there was a short speech we had to make! I forged through despite being very tired from two-hours worth of sleep the night before. I had ventured out on Monday to find some food. I woke around 9ish Monday morning and remembered I only had leftover salad and a half finished soda from our arrival luncheon.

A nice lady pointed me some directions to a nearby grocery store. The path had taken me down the street a couple of blocks in thick swamp blanket humidity! I did not think it was so bad when I had first left but on the walk back with a couple of bags of groceries (people offered me rides which I did not accept) it was pretty bleak. I looked at it like “this is a good experience” and “I do need to eat” but that mood later turned to “Sh*** why does the dorm have to be up the f*g hill?!” I made it back and made myself a French bread pizza. Looking at the weather forecast the high on Monday was 96 F and the humidity was in the 60s. The feeling was that I was sporting a wet look after getting back in and looking in my mirror. Despite the mucky humidity I do have to say that I am fortunate to be in a beautiful central location on the east coast! Major cities associated with the NE are nearby and DC is not that far also. I will definitely make time to go out and see the sights over the course of the summer. Looking in the mirror I also noticed a slight bulge on my side. Erk!!! Need to make use of my running shoes for sure!

That makes this another pin to push on to the map of the world which is wonderful. Plans are wonderful to fulfill so for those of you who dream and feel like they are impossible. Keep working toward it. One step at a time. Take care. 

More to come soon :-)