Friday, December 23, 2011

A Desert Yuletide

Almost time for kids faces to light up with delight at their presents or frown when Grandpa Harry sends them socks and pencils for Christmas. It is supposed to be winter here in northern Arizona but alas there is no precipitation of frozen H20 present. So we’re having the equivalent of a southern Arizona Yuletide- cold and snowless. The cynical side of me says that this time of the year is evil incarnate. It breaks peoples banks, makes lonely people even more lonely, yadda yadda yadda. The optimistic side of me is a little aghast at how much I spent but it will be worth it to see faces when they open up their presents. So.... my take on gift giving time is don't be too much of a tightwad...otherwise you may get handed some form of the proverbial "lump of coal."

I was done with my final semester at college around the week of the 5th this month. I did well. I got all A’s except for a B in Precalculus. Now the plan is I’ll be leaving for the university in three weeks. I am very excited about this! I am a non-traditional student so this will be interesting all over again...just on a different level :) 

I have:

Organic Chemistry lecture
Organic Chemistry discussion
Organic Chemistry lab
Calculus I
[and a soon to be filled 3 credit hour course]

I was book hunting since last weekend (still am) and looks like I have a nice little book bill that I will be faced with. I decided to use my usual plan and go for online, used, and use member privileges to garner a deal. I found one for my Organic Chem lecture for almost half-off what the school is charging. Ochem lab books will be purchased from the school. It seems that my professor for lab has written two lab books and we will be using her books. 

I’m off to take a nap. I had to take a relative to the hospital late last night and was up all night until we got home this morning. I did sleep for 3 hours when I got back but am still tired. 

If I know you and you know me then I am probably thinking about you. I wish all of you and yours a….
Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad! Merry Keshmish!

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