Sunday, April 18, 2010

The sound of spring has waken me this morning. The birds are singing and the temperatures have been heating up steadily over the last week or so. I am almost done with the Spring 2010 session of school. I feel quite content with the way that aspect of my life is going. I will be attending the Summer session this year. I am taking two classes that sound very interesting and am wondering what I can squeeze in for the fall semester.

Let's see. I am 3x years old.. I mean young but I sure don't feel it. I have much on my young mind these days regarding when I should transfer. The school I go to has the classes I need at their main campus while I commute to a satellite center. I do not particularly want to live on the main campus. Been there done that. My other option is to move to the city and take the classes at a different college. The pros would be independence, proximity to school, and establishing a life away from home... sober this time.

I am somewhat shocked that I have won a scholarship. I had been looking at scholarships and grants trying to figure out how I will be able to make it through school. The business woman in me has been making a little money on the side but only enough to pay for the bare necessities.

It's tough!

I saw a bulletin the school had left in my email so I figured why not? I printed out an application and wrote an essay about my future plans and why I could use that scholarship. Pretty much a "no brainer." :)

I recently ran into the man who sent me to Iron Working Training two weeks ago at a local office. I passed a man in the hallway and he sure was staring. I was thinking "Are my boobs that noticeable???" I had a realization and was like, "Hiiii. Mr. X! I'm SO sorry I didn't recognize you."

Yeah. It was an awkward moment. He and I chatted for a minute and apparently the union is still reeling over the recession we had two years ago. I told him I was back in school and am loving it. We shook hands, said our goodbyes, he wished me luck, and parted ways then.

I know. I'm SO serious these days. I suppose encroaching accumulation of years and a need to finish all the things I have started are prompting me. Not being serious would reduce me to a clown... I do not want to be a clown. I think I've already acquired an Ph.D in that field anyway.

I have an appointment this week with two school officials who will grill and fry me.. maybe sautee. I will do my best to be the most congenial and impressionable lady for them!

So that's my State of the Flea Market for now. Happy Sundays people and take care.