Saturday, October 23, 2010

Net Ionic equations....filtering stuffs

They say that "no pain no gain" is a prerequisite to success.

Wonder if that person took 16 credit hours? School has been great so far and the rewards for working hard make for some warm fuzzy feelings. I have a great set of friends whom I never would have thought I'd get along with. It's definitely different this time around as the kids are in a stage of life where they are away from home. I remember those days and it's definitely strange being the adult this time around.

The classes are pretty easy but Chemistry is something that I will have to work at. The concepts are straightforward but wait! I have Anatomy to study for also...oh and a speech to prepare for! You get the picture. I saw my Doc yesterday and he commended me on my workload and how motivated I was. I was thinking just a couple more months and I'll have a degree- and hopefully have time for a much needed break!

I have four more classes left in order to graduate. Those classes are three science classes and a public health class. I also will take my Statistics class in the summer although a classmate basically told me I was crazy for doing that. Apparently it's a difficult class and would be even more so if crammed into a summer session. If...If I can get through this next semester with at least a B average then Statistics will be a piece of cake :)

If anyone reads this send me a word of encouragement sometimes for real! It might seem insignificant but an "out of the blue" message like that just might come at a time I need it!

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