Friday, December 10, 2010

Next Semester....Por Favor :P

Another semester has gone by so quickly once again. The days of my Blackberry screeching its alarm at 6AM are absent for the time being! It was an interesting experience to live in the school dormitory for a change versus commuting to my classes. The last time I stayed in a dorm was in Job Corps and that was almost over a decade ago!

Grades haven't posted yet but wish me luck!!!

I have a little over a month off of school then it's time to get back to books again. For now I'm just going to chill out and take care of things I could not get to while in school. I really worked my heinee off so if I get a 4.0 then I don't know how I should reward myself.... I've been wanting a smaller laptop but reasonable side of me says the current one will suffice. It's a 14' widescreen laptop and I love it but I've been looking at a 12' widescreen version of what I have and it's definitely appealing. It would also be easier to lug around w/20lbs of Science books!

Here's a tune that I'm going to throw in just it! Have a great night :)

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