Friday, June 25, 2010

Need a ride to..... anywhere.

I’m slowly getting over a cold… argh! I was quite vigilant in my daily running but this has set me back a couple of days. I had a deviated septum repair last month so I think pushing myself so hard has aggravated the area and caused me to get sick! It stinks but I’ll deal. I am relieved that the halfway point is coming up for the semester and that more credits will be added to my graduation checklist. I have certainly been working hard as far as studies go! On a different topic I was online last night and got an email from Amtrak that stated I could get extra points if I made a reservation right away! I got to thinking and wished that I could just get a ticket to Chicago, Los Angeles (LA), San Francisco (San Fran), or New York. I used to live in Chicago and had been to LA and San Fran so that left New York.

Now you’re in New Yoooorrrkk. City where dreams are made of.. there’s nothing you can’t doooo! Now you’re in New York New York Neewww Yooorrrk!

The song by Alicia Keys came to mind immediately. I seriously need some downtime and a getaway for myself! One thing that presents serious consideration is how much money I have in the bank! I think at this point a trip to Albuquerque may be more realistic. I’ve always loved traveling from as far back as I can remember. My dad used to load us up and we’d take off for Tucson, Phoenix, or Albuquerque just because. We did go to Las Vegas (while I was 9 or 10) and Los Angeles (to visit relatives) but that was only once. These days Dad is just about seventy and mom is right behind him so traveling consists of going out to town (Gallup) and occasionally to Albuquerque.

The concept of embarking on a trip alone is a little intimidating but I’m old enough to know when to proceed with caution or what situations I need to stay out of. I am not drinking these days so the lifestyle that comes with that crowd would not be involved. I don’t drug or am not planning some bank heist either!

I admit that school is very important to me right now but I’ve wanted to go out of the country for a long time now. I would like to go to Japan, China, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, the Gobi Desert, and England. My language skills certainly need some expanding and conceptualizing as customs come along with language. The one thing I find motivating me is the local cuisine of other countries. I never did like onions, bell peppers, and all those icky things that I used to pick off of a supreme pizza that someone ordered. Now I love them and almost feel like I want to experience new things… maybe there’s a connection with traveling??? At any rate don’t be surprised if you hear that I am anywhere but here sometime next year or the year after that. One can only wait!

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