Thursday, March 12, 2009

She's Still Here!

Hey HO! Land Ho! Scalliwaggers!!!

Yeah I'm not making any sense. It's late and I'm trying to get stuff done before bed. I'm doing fine and am still here on rezzie land. Things are slow these days and I've been looking for a job!

Anyone hiring???

I've been doing the whole homemaking thing for now and am excited that I have my own comp now. Well a laptop actually. I bought this thing used and out of sheer desperation I clicked on the "buy" button. I mean, come on, I'm a gabber and love to type so I needed something to get online and bug people with :P

I now am going to start looking in personals for anyone who needs a roommate. I prefer a room with a view but I'll take anything now! lol.

Let's hope Obama was thinking of a fleamarketrezqueen when he was dreaming of stimulus packages!

Anyhoo. I'm *yawn* tired and am seeing sheep and stars. I've got a date with the sandman now ppl. I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams and a good night.


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